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Many thanks to Pauline in Australia for the construction notes and most pictures, and to Rodie in Florida for the first draft. The rest of this page shows some other cyber-friends and resources.

Bra-making Links, including comments that came with permission to use them:

Booby Traps, Newport Beach, NSW, Australia - Thank you for the opportunity [to be added to your list], I would be delighted. I have been teaching bra making and training ladies for custom fit for over 20yrs. Regards, Jill Bradshaw.

Bra-Makers Supply and Bra-Makers Manual, Hamilton, ON, Canada - We would consider it an honour and a privilege to be linked to your site. We are dedicated to helping women sew their own well-fitting and supportive bras and the more women that hear about us, the better! Beverly Johnson, Philadelphia, PA, USA - We would love to be listed in your Links section! We offer hard to find bra making supplies, patterns, resources, and more. We are adding new products every week! S. Chamberlain

Ezi-Sew Sewing Specialties, Lynfield, Auckland, New Zealand - Dear Mary, Yes, we are happy for you to add our website address to your list. Beryl Young, Sewing Specialites

Fabric Depot Co, Garwood, TX, USA - your Elan Bra Pattern publishing distributor and supplier of all your bra making needs. Thank you for the opportunity to be linked with your web site. Susan Stacy, Fabric Depot Co

Farthingales - Canadian Source, Stratford, Ontario, Canada - Certainly, thanks for asking. Linda Sparks

KwikSew, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA - Of course [you may link to our web site]! - Eric

Laceland, Fort Worth, TX, USA - Sure, go ahead Mary. Thanks, Dave

Lingerie Secrets, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada - Hello, Thanks for the request. I would be very pleased to have my web site included. My Lingerie Secrets Pattern line includes three different sports bras: "Front Closing" , "T-Bra" and "Cross-Over". The patterns all include good sewing directions and a range of bust sizes from 32'' to 53'' in 3 cup sizes. For the sewer's convenience, all sizes are in one pattern. Best wishes and please feel free to contact me [on the order page] any time for questions. Thanks, Jan Bones

Logan Kits, Double Springs, AL, USA - Hi yes add me to your list .Thanks a lot . Evelyn Logan

Lucy's Fabrics (some bra-making supplies), Anna, TX, USA - I would be thrilled to be linked from your site. -Laura

Making Beautiful Bras (Book and Video), Wagga Wagga, NSW, Australia - Dear Mary, Be my guest! Kind regards, Lee-Ann.

Plus Size Bras dot Org - Be my guest.

Sew Sassy Fabrics, Huntsville, AL, USA - Online Store for Lingerie Fabrics and Supplies - What a great job you have done for direction of making bras. There are so many people who want to do this but are scared to death to try. I tell them you can mess it up twice and still be ahead of what it cost to purchase one. We retail and wholesale our bra products. We will try to help your students the best we can. can help ordering products. Sew Sassy

Threads Magazine Article - Great reference site! (from the web site: You may create Web links to any URL on, including articles.)

Underwire and Bra FAQs - Great reference site! - After looking at the site, go ahead and link it. The more of us handing out this information, the more women will be not only able to make their own bras but be more critical of the RTW they find at stores by being better informed about proper fit.

If you know of other resources that would be useful on this page, tell me via my form here.

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