Sewing Lessons - level 1

updated 8/09/08

Sample Flyer (coming soon)

Handout for the first class: Thread information

Handout for the second class: Tote Bag

Handout for the third class: Pillow Sham

Handout for the fourth class: Classic Pillow Case

Lesson plan outline:

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Beginner 1 Sewing Lessons




These lessons will help you to become familiar with your sewing machine's basic sewing functions. Beginner level one classes will give you practice with straight seams.





Class One: Your Machine






Sewing machine (it must work well), power cord, foot control, bobbins, accessories, and manual



must be in good working order



must have straight and zig zag stitches


nice-to-have stitch:




Mettler or Gutermann sewing thread (not embroidery thread) - one spool white, one spool black



Two bobbins for your machine



Small scissors or thread snips



Sewing machine needles, universal point, size 70/10