Sewing Lessons

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My offer to you is this: if you request my lesson plans, I will email them to you. Just fill in this form.

HOWEVER: It's just the course outline, not all the details.

FURTHERMORE: I am currently in the process of rewriting the lesson plans. Please be patient; I will eventually send them to you.

The following information describes the basic concepts of my classes:

Class Information:




Level 1


Drawstring tote / gift bag, Pillow Sham, Pillowcase - Learn how to use your sewing machine, and sew straight seams. Also learn how to use the rotary cutting system. Supplies needed are your sewing machine, its manual and accessories, sewing machine needles (universal size 70/10), and small scissors. Four sessions.


Level 2a

Pullover top - Learn how to make facings and curved seams with a basic pattern. Four sessions.

Level 2b

Pull-on shorts or pants - Learn how to make casings and curved seams with the book "Easy Sewing the KwikSew Way." Four sessions.

Level 3

Blouse or dress - Learn how to make darts, and to put in sleeves and zippers. Five sessions.

Level 4

Top or dress - Learn how to work with knits using the book "Easy Sewing the KwikSew Way." Four sessions.

Level 5

One-piece Swim Suit - Learn swim wear garment skills. Five sessions.

Supply List:

  • New needles - size 70/10 universal for wovens or size 75/11 jersey / stretch for knits

  • Small scissors or thread snips

  • Straight pins (quilting pins with large heads preferred)

  • Measuring tape 5/8 wide in good condition

  • Mettler or Gutermann thread that matches your fabric (make sure it's not embroidery thread)

  • High-quality fabric scissors or rotary cutter and the largest mat you can afford

  • Fabrics Needed:

    Examples from my Classes:

    Pillow Sham Instructions

    Facing for Sleeveless Top