Links to some of my favorite Web Sites


Friends I've Met in Person:

Nancy from Florida, but now she lives in New Zealand (just a couple pictures)

Pauline in Australia

Internet Discussion Groups: crochet forum sewing forum
delphi's Crochet Plus forum
delphi's Flyladies & More forum
delphi's friendly sewing forum
delphi's Go Firefox! forum
delphi No More Debt! forum

Hint: For a better view of topics in delphi forums, go to the bottom of the right side and select "Advanced View" if you can.


Internet Sharing Groups:
Stitcher's Guild - storyboards

Internet Stores: - a Sewing and Vacuum store

FittingTips - Resources for Users of Patternmaking Software - Sewing patterns from many pattern companies, some notions, and lots of references

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