Food, Glorious Food!

Many of these recipes are from the PMB Users' Group I used to belong to. We always had a blast, right through lunch time.

1905 Salad, from Joan

Broccoli Salad, from Gale

Corn and Crab Soup, from Gale - There is nothing low fat about this recipe but I just made it and YUM! It is quick and easy to make. It might be pretty to sprinkle on some paprika if you want it to look pretty.

Cherry Danish, from Joan

Chicken Salad, from Gale

Cocoa Stacks, from Paul

Gooey Butter Cakes, from Joan

Key Lime Pie, from Joan

Low-Carb Chocolate Chip Cookies, from Linda

Mock Mashed 'Taters, from Mary

Oatmeal Cocoa Cookies, from Paul

Picadillo, from Mary

Quiche, from Joan - "This is my very own recipe, created just by me. You may not know, but I have had recipes published, the last in Light and Tasty! I also have bread machine recipes in the Nitty Gritty Bread Machine series by Donna German. One of my hobbies is cooking."

Texas Caviar, from Janis

Trifle, from Angela - "I adapted it from a recipe my sister-in-law created when my brother had a heart attack and was put on a very strict, low fat diet."

Triple Threat Lemon Cake, family recipe from Mary

Worm Salad, from Gale

Please send more recipes to me.