Butterick 5047 skirt


Picture story of pattern adjustment and cutting out the Butterick 5047 skirt:

Here are pictures of the finished garment. It's really fun to wear!

I traced and modified the top piece by extending the width at the hip to the desired length.

I traced four copies each of the upper and lower pattern pieces.

I moved the ironing board so I could fold the fabric like an accordion. This let me pull the fabric onto the cutting table in one layer as needed.

I cut five of the eight required pieces of the upper pattern across the first section of fabric.

I laid out to cut the three remaining pieces to make use of the previous cuts.

I laid out to cut the lower pattern pieces to make use of previous cuts.

I cut the notches in on the pattern pieces, and cut the fabric straight across. I used the notch openings to place a dot on the fabric with a metallic pen.