Conical Newborn Hat

This hat on a baby doll...

These are a lot of fun to make, and really easy to do. It's a good project for beginners and for people who are not used to using knits. If the print on the fabric is one way, you'll need to pay more attention to the pattern layout, as you don't want upside-down duckies (or whatever) on the hat.

Don't restrict your fabric choices to traditional baby prints and solids. I've used some larger print florals that come out so cute for girls' hats, and the geometric prints work well for boys. Not everyone likes pastels, so brighter colors are good, too. I've made some with a print as the hat, with a solid band, as well.

Wash and dry fabric before cutting. It must have at least 20-25% cross grain stretch in order to self-rib. If yo are using a more stable knit, then you will need to use some ribbing for the band.

To make the pattern with tracing material or brown paper bag:

For the band pattern, cut one rectangle 13.5 inches by 3 inches. Draw a line a few inches long down the middle of the length. Mark this as "Stretch."

For the hat pattern, cut one rectangle 13 inches by 8 5/8 inches. Using a ruler, draw a series of points 13 inches from one corner. Trace the arc. Draw a straight line from the same corner to the opposite side where the arc ends. This line should be 13 inches long. Cut out the cone shape. Mark one side to be placed on fold. Make a line perpendicular to the fold line, and mark it as "Stretch."

Assembling the hat:

Cut out one cone shape on fold, with greatest stretch following the direction of the "Stretch" line. Cut one band on single layer of fabric, with greatest stretch following the direction of the "Stretch" line.

With wrong sides together, starting at the arc, sew or serge two long edges of the cap piece together in a 1/4-inch seam. Sewing towards the point allows you to adjust the alignment of the sides as you sew. Quarter pin the remaining cut edge of the cap.

Right sides together, sew or serge the short ends of the band together, forming a circle. Fold the band, wrong sides together, matching cut edges, so the band is about 1/5 inches wide. Quarter pin the band.

With cone wrong side out, place the band inside the cone, matching up pins. Stretching all the while, sew or serge together. If serging, take care of the thread tails using your favorite method.

Turn the hat right side out, and poke out the point. Tie the point in a simple overhand knot, but not so tightly that it can't be untied and adjusted to fit the baby's head as it grows.

Submitted by Jeannette