How to Make a Shower Curtain


Here are my instructions for making a shower curtain liner. I prefer to sew my own shower curtain. Somehow I found out that standard shower curtains are 72"x72" - that's the size that fits the 5' bathtub.

I've always made my shower curtains from any type of thin, white, nylon fabric. They can be used alone or as a liner with something else. As always, they can be thrown in the wash with the white clothes, and bleach helps to remove the water deposits and such.

This example shows a shower curtain made with cotton fabric.

I used to put grommets along the top hem, but now I do something else entirely. Here are my instructions.

Need 4 yards of lightweight nylon fabric, and 2-1/8 yards of liner tape (I think this is a Gosling product).

Serge or zigzag the ends of the fabric and throw in the washer and dryer. Lay out the fabric and square off the ends. Fold in half so the fold goes from selvedge to selvedge and the ends are together.

Cut on the fold. Measure 36-1/4" from one selvedge and cut through both layers of fabric along the length. Get the narrower pieces of fabric out of the way. Serge the cut edges of the wider pieces together in a 1/4" seam. Open out the fabric and top stitch the seam allowance to one side.

In the sample curtain, one long edge of one piece was folded under about an inch. Both pieces were laid out on the floor next to each other, right side up, design going in same direction. The folded edge was next to the other piece, and was pulled over the other piece. The design was matched up and the pieces were pinned together. The edge of the fold was stitched down. The raw edges were serged together, cutting off any excess before the other row of topstitching was applied.

Slide one unfinished end of the fabric into the liner tape, with the tape extending about 1" beyond one end of the fabric. Slide the fabric into the liner tape, stitching as you go, just an inch or two at a time. Trim the other end of the liner tape to a 1" extension, then fold each end under 1/2" twice, and top stitch the folded-under fold edge.

The liner tape has loops woven into the top edge. Using these loops, hang the curtain on curtain rings (almost any type), arranging it evenly across, allowing for 2 or 3 inches at each end. When you are satisfied with the arrangement, insert a pin into the shower curtain below each loop used. Also, check the length.

Take the curtain to the sewing machine and stitch something decorative (I used little hearts) under each marked loop. Use white thread (the same color as the shower curtain tape). Then serge finish the bottom edge to the length desired.

It's all done. Once you've done it, the next time it's a "no-brainer." SO ... Here's an example of a shower curtain made with a heavier cotton. I overlapped the two sides to match the design, and used real drapery tape at the top.

The first picture is turned to show the overlapped seam which goes down the middle of the shower curtain. You can see the above two fishes on the finished shower curtain just to the left of the hanging crystal in the second picture:

P.S.: If you want to see this shower curtain "in person," it's too late; it "bit the dust" in July 2004.